why we exist

According to the Guttmacher Institute, over 1.2 million children lose their lives to abortion every year in the United States. Worldwide, approximately 42 million children are aborted.

Although it is seldom talked about or even considered, (due to the basic reality that abortion is meant to end a life), abortions do not always succeed in ending the life of a child. Termed a “failed abortion,” “live birth,” or even a “dreaded complication,” sometimes, yes sometimes, children survive failed abortions. Sadly, many of these children do not live for long after their survival due to complications suffered from the abortion attempt and their subsequent premature birth or from simply being left to perish.

The Abortion Survivors Network was created by saline infusion abortion survivor and international pro-life speaker and advocate Melissa Ohden, who recognized the need for both support for and among abortion survivors, and for better information to be made available to the public about abortion survivors.

Who better is there to educate the public about abortion survivors than survivors themselves? Who better is there to provide support to abortion survivors than survivors themselves?

The mission of the Abortion Survivors Network is two-fold:

-To put a face to the statistics of abortion survivors, informing and educating the public about the prevalence of survivors and providing a perspective to abortion that is seldom heard: that of the child.

-To give a voice to survivors in a society that often is unaware of their existence, or, if there is awareness of survivors, they are silenced due to the societal attitudes and beliefs about abortion, and to provide support to fellow survivors who may feel alone in their survival.

We may not ever know as survivors “why we exist,” as in, how this happened in our lives, but we do know why we exist as The Abortion Survivors Network—to inform, to advocate, and to heal.

We’re more than a choice. We’re survivors. We’re the Abortion Survivors Network.

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