Get Involved

Please know that communications with The Abortion Survivors Network are confidential and you are not expected to add your story to our website or social media. Sharing our stories is a difficult thing and choosing to do so is a very personal decision.

If you wish to share your story and would like help in doing so on this site or elsewhere, we are more than willing to be of assistance to you. We are more than happy to not only review your testimony, but can provide you with a list of tips and guidelines that you may find helpful.

Opportunities also arise for survivors to get involved in advocacy and awareness campaigns. Past examples of such campaigns include: presenting letters to Congress, and contributing testimonies to educate voters about pro-life legislation.

If you would like to be considered for such a campaign or opportunity, please contact us via our contact page or by email at:

Additionally, some survivors may feel compelled to get involved in pro-life ministries in their area or even nationwide. If you need assistance in finding organizations in your area that could benefit from your involvement, please feel free to inquire about the listing we have here at ASN. Please note: most ministries will want to assure that you’re in a good place of healing before you volunteer your time with them. Don’t forget to check out our Help and Healing page for more information about the resources that exist to support you in your healing journey.

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