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Please know that communications with The Abortion Survivors Network are confidential and you are not expected to add your story to our website or social media. Sharing our stories is a difficult thing and choosing to do so is a very personal decision.

Opportunities arise for survivors to get involved in advocacy and awareness campaigns. Past examples of such campaigns include: presenting letters to Congress, and contributing testimonies to educate voters about pro-life legislation.

If you would like to be considered for such a campaign or opportunity, please reach out to us via our contact page.


Volunteer! There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

Additionally, some survivors may feel compelled to get involved in pro-life ministries in their area or even nationwide. If you need assistance in finding organizations in your area that could benefit from your involvement, please feel free to inquire about the listing we have here at ASN. Please note: most ministries will want to assure that you’re in a good place of healing before you volunteer your time with them. You can also check out ProLove Ministries for a list of great pro-life resources and opportunities to help others!

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An even greater appreciation for Mother’s Day

An even greater appreciation for Mother’s Day

Melissa’s newest at National Right to Live News and Views this week:

The celebration of Mother’s Day is rife with heart-warming tributes to the women who make our world go around—the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mother figures who sacrificially pour into our lives into ours. Here are a few samples.

“What I love about my mom is she’s easy to talk to and she’s funny. I love her.”

“No words can express the gratitude I have for my mom. She’s my best friend, my mom, and my hero. I love the way that at any chance she gets, she will show Jesus’ love.”

“I love how you love us no matter how crazy we get, how you help me with math even when you don’t completely understand, and I love that you do your job in the world even though you never want to leave us.”

“I love that you gave birth to me.”

Typical, in one sense, but truly special in another. All of these sweet reflections are from the children of abortion survivors. None of them would be here had their mothers not survived the best attempt of the abortionist to take their lives.

The Abortion Survivors Network is made of people just like this, and many others. From 2012-2020, The Abortion Survivors Network had contact with 316 survivors of abortion or their friends or family who contacted us on their behalf. We know this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to survivors—many don’t ever share their stories with anyone, and, in fact, many probably don’t even know about their survival, as it’s kept a secret.

As an organization we educate frequently about how abortion affects generations; how we understand the dynamics that often lead women to abortion. We have found love and forgiveness for our birthparents, clinic workers, even the abortionists themselves.

Why do we share our stories? To bring hope and healing to all who are impacted by abortion. However, what we don’t often share, because it’s so personal, is what it means for our families to have us in their lives.

Yes, we are survivors. But that’s not all we are. We are part of a network of people whose lives have been permanently altered by our presence.

Every abortion survivor is someone’s son or daughter and grandchild. They’re likely also a sibling, a cousin, an aunt or an uncle. And many survivors are parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents themselves. In fact, I received a beautiful email earlier this year from the great-great grandchild of a survivor of an at-home attempted abortion.

This year, as we do every year, we celebrate the women who gave us life, even if that wasn’t their original plan. The Abortion Survivors Network also celebrates the hundreds of survivors in our Network who are themselves mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures.

Women such as Jennifer Milbourn, pictured here, second from the left. You may recognize her from the “Face the Choice” ad that was unveiled at the March for Life.

Jennifer survived her biological mom’s vacuum aspiration abortion. The abortionist couldn’t complete the abortion because Jennifer’s head was too big. In other words, she was much further along gestationally than what had been expected.

Jennifer’s son, Gabriel, shared the first loving comment above about her. Daughter, Madalyn, offered the second.

To our movement, survivors offer a sign of hope. Hope that lives are being saved and future generations made possible because of that. Survivors are also a very tangible illustration of the all the unborn we’re fighting to save.

To our families, we’re their greatest supports and encouragers, their place of strength. And from the last two statements included above about their mother (graciously shared by my 12-year-old, Olivia), we’re also steadfast in our commitment to math homework and to making a difference with our lives.

As our world comes out of quarantine, I hope and pray that abortion supporters will have a new appreciation of abortion survivors—that they will see us as ordinary people just as our own children do.

To all the mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures in our Network, in our movement, Happy Mother’s Day.

And to my birthmother, Ruth, I echo the sentiments of my Olivia: “I love that you gave birth to me.”

Hello, March!

As many of you know, as the Founder of The Abortion Survivors Network, I’ve been working with survivors for over the past eight years.

2019 was a pivotal time for our country when it comes to abortion, and survivors need support and the culture needs the truth more than ever, so I transitioned the organization into a 501c3 and we also have a 501c4 status pending.

This has allowed us to implement programming that I’ve only dreamed about in years past, including: apologetics training for survivors by the Life Training Institute, and speaker’s training from Marc Newman.

We’ve been able to assist a survivor to cover her medication co-pays after heart surgery.

We purchased pins with our new logo that we handed out at the March for Life and other marketing merchandise to start spreading the word about who we are and what we’re all about.

We’ve been so blessed by your support, financially, through prayers and emotional support.

Many thanks to our friends at Pro-Love Ministries who helped make that happen, along with our new logo. We’re now an affiliate of theirs, which means that we’re all in this together, bringing about change in our culture and serving people in a more effective way. If you want to know more about Pro-Love Ministries and their other awesome affiliates, visit

The March for Life was an incredible event this year, with two survivors, myself and Claire Culwell, a twin survivor, taking the stage. I unveiled an ad called Face the Choice ad that day. You’ve probably seen the news go viral, that it was originally planned by the organization who produced it, Faces of Choice, to be a Super Bowl commercial, but unfortunately, the Fox Network didn’t make this a straightforward process with us. You can read more about that in many, many interviews and news articles, by finding Faces of Choice on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Needless to say, helping with this video and the release of it took up most of my time from July on, but I can tell you it’s all been worth it and then some.

Through the ad, we’ve not only seen how the media silences the pro-life message and the voices of survivors, who don’t fit the predominant narrative of abortion in our culture, but we’ve seen more survivors connect through The Abortion Survivors Network, more families reach out to us, and we’ve seen people be informed and inspired through it. Honestly, that’s all we wanted through the ad, so I’d say we accomplished the mission!

I’m beginning work on a new book that should be published in 2021 and it centers around survivors. It’s going to be GOOD! And I have some super exciting details about what that entails in upcoming months.

We’re planning more media projects with Faces of Choice, working on a retreat for survivors later in the year and also putting together a panel of survivors for the Pro-Life Women’s Conference, which will be hold in Indianapolis in June, so keep an eye out for lots of great things and keep the conversation going about survivors, the impact of abortion on us all and healing.

Our healing curriculum specific to survivors is almost complete, and we’ll be implementing that in both a one on one format and group setting by Zoom meetings. The more survivors heal, the more they will find their voice. No matter where and how that voice is used, that voice is important.

We’re continuing to grow our support groups for survivors and families, and adding in additional ways to connect and create community. If you or someone you know is a survivor or family member who’d like to connect, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Be on the lookout for our new social media content and for new survivors’ stories to be introduced each month in a newsletter. Don’t forget to sign up!

Every human being is more than a choice. We have value, meaning and worth. And I couldn’t be more excited about helping survivors grow and heal, and change the world so that everyone recognizes this.

Thanks for joining us on the mission—


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