Hope Hoffman

Hope’s testimony, as shared by her adoptive mother, Terri Kellogg:
My daughter Hope Hoffman is abortion survivor. Her birthmother entered an abortion clinic when she was 10 weeks pregnant. She left that day believing she had Hope Hoffmanaborted Hope, but God had intervened and spared her life.
When Hope’s birthmother was 5 1/2 months pregnant she felt movement and realized then her baby still lived. She then chose life and decided to place her for adoption. Not knowing anything was wrong with her baby, several families were being considered for adoption, then Hope was born 8 weeks early.
Hope was not breathing and required CPR and a breathing machine. Hope also had an injury to her head where the skull and scalp had been cut away by the instrument used in the failed abortion. Hope had fought for her life and she continued to do so. Due to her special needs the other families being considered for the adoption changed their minds, because they wanted a healthy baby.
Because of the trauma from the failed abortive and the premature birth they expected she was going to have a physical handicap and would have a scar across her head and long term needs.
When Hope was one month old she was placed with a special needs Christian adoption agency and that is when I called and found out about the baby God chose for me. Her Dad and I adopted her when she was released from the hospital at 3 months old.
Hope is now 21 years old, she has Cerebral Palsy and is in a power wheelchair. Hope has a heart for Jesus and loving people.  She met her birthmother and loved her unconditionally. Hope and I have written a book about God’s love and forgiveness. God is at work in all our lives and we can trust in our creator to know what is best for us.
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